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  3. thatissoboring said: I just wanted to tell you thank you. I recently got my order for the Ylang ylang spray, and it works better than advertised. I sprayed it on my wife's pillow under the guise that it would be relaxing. Let me tell you, it worked magnificently. She was uncontrollable the next morning. We had the best sex we've had in months. I just wanted to reiterate: THANK YOU!




    I love these kind of messages. You’re welcome.

    where can I get this locally or is it an amazon deal?

    It can only be bought here….http://www.sensioils.com/ylang-ylang-pillow-spray.html

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  4. mykindofsexxx said: I'm curious about trying these sprays/oils for me and my wife. I've seen a few different posts but not sure which to get - lavender or ylang-ylang. Which one or combo will get us both going the best? Thanks and keep up the great blog!




    The best seems to be the ylang ylang. Personally I love the jasmine. There is a combo that has both sprays, massage oil and after bath oil for $35. Here are the links for the sprays and the social special…

    Coming from someone that has tried these, instead of just getting one spray or the other, get both in the Social Special. As a guy, the Ylang ylang will be more for you. The Jasmine pillow spray will have her pussy running like the Niagara Falls. The Sex Bomb will make her force you to give her 2 or 3 orgasms before you step a single foot out of the tub. No joke, the combination will have you fighting her off because she will wear you out.

    Niagara falls? Huh….Wow. That’s quite a compliment.

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  5. Dripping wet.

    Dripping wet.

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Cindy Hope


    Cindy Hope

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